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Here are some excerpts of Dr. Williams' recent patient reviews:


"After years of of local Doctors prescribing a variety of non-surgical treatments that failed to relieve my severe pain and lack of shoulder strength, I was thankfully referred to Dr. Benjamin Williams..  One of the most impressive facts about Dr. Williams is his willingness to be accessible to patients, starting with preparing us throughly before surgery, then afterwards, and best of all during the entire healing process. Yes, Dr. Wiliams was there to answer my questions, address my concerns, and rejoice with me in the continuing progress! To me, this was invaluable and the dedication he devotes to his patients is above and beyond today's norm.I definitely would recommend Dr. Williams and his dedicated professional staff, to anyone in need of the varied services of this talented Doctor!Thank you again Benjamin Williams, MD, for giving me back my life again!!" (Google review)


"..Very professional and understands the needs of each patient. Strongly recommend him especially if you're active person."  (Google review)

"I appreciate both him and his office staff for the caring and professional help I receive on all visits. My surgery went extremely well and after several follow-up visits with Dr. Williams and six weeks of physical therapy I hardly have a scar. My range of motion is nearly normal. I would definitely recommend Dr. Benjamin Williams." (Google review)

"Benjamin Williams and his staff were very Professional and kind. I've had 2 other surgery before this one and none of the other doctors personally checked in with me before and after the surgery. I would highly recommend him." (Google review)

"Best shoulder surgeon ever and his team is second to none." (Google review)

"From the moment I first entered the office, everyone, including the office staff and the tech people, acted professionally and courteously.  Dr. Williams explained what was going to be done and why it was necessary. My surgery was completely successful. The painful numbness I had experienced for a couple of years was gone as soon as the anesthesia wore off. Overall pain from the surgery was nearly nonexistent. Two weeks out, and I can play my guitar again with no loss of dexterity.. I believe that anyone seeking medical help from Dr. Williams and his staff can't go wrong." (Google review)

"I was referred to Dr. Williams from the ER due to a severely impacted wrist fracture in October 2017 while in UT. Dr. Williams is a very excellent surgeon and I was 100%+ satisfied with the surgery he performed. My bones healed perfectly and today I have an incredible range of motion even after such an extensive wrist injury. He listens to his patients, is caring, is compassionate and my wife and I would refer everyone to him. Dr. Williams is awesome and the office staff are just wonderful!" (Healthgrades review)

".. Dr. Williams is very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone." (Healthgrades review)

".. After surgery Dr. Williams gave me a personal call to see how I was doing the next day. I have to say that after having 14 surgery's he has been the only Doctor to call me. Therefore, his patient skills are fantastic and commendable...... and he is a great Surgeon."  (Healthgrades review)

"..Many thanks to Dr. Williams and his staff. I have my hands back!" (Healthgrades review)

"I have seen Dr. Williams on two different occasions and have left his office feeling he understood my concerns, answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable on my condition." (Vitals review)

"Dr. Williams is a great doctor. He is friendly and I've always been in and out of his office in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him." (Vitals review)

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